Who are we ?

Established in 2011, Pegasi Systems International provides specialized custom products and services related to instrumentation radar systems for various real time telemetry applications. We are committed to offering innovative software, hardware and operational excellence to meet or exceed your needs and specifications. With a sound expertise in several Doppler radar technologies, we offer the most advanced generation of tracking radars currently on the market. We design, develop and produce cutting edge tracking radar software and systems that enable accurate measurements of Time-Space-Position-Information (TSPI) and the velocity of any moving target.

Our Markets

  • Military bases
  • Testing ranges
  • Private or public organisations testing planes or other flying objects

Competitive Edge

  • Technological added value
  • Easy access, easy contact
  • Favorable NA trade agreement
  • Worldwide experience
  • Competitive pricing, favorable location

Our Mission

To provide highly specialized services and products related to instrumentation radar systems for various real time telemetry applications for flying objects.

Our Values


With you - All the way! Our team is totally dedicated to you and your success, from our initial meeting through custom designing and production, to on-site integration and personalized training, we are committed to you all the way to the finish line.


We create innovating technologies using our experience and ingenuity : we design, develop, and customize... striving for excellence in newer, better ways, using the latest technologies. We create products that are unique, specific to your needs, for the success of your radar-related project and the benefit of your organization. Furthermore, our execution is based on recognized quality standards.


We stand behind everything we do and ensure the very best results in terms of:

  • On Site Operationality
  • Performance
  • Quality of Product
  • On-Time-Delivery
  • Technological Added Value
  • Customer Satisfaction – With You All The Way!

TrackVue Software

R&D is part of our DNA and holds top priority at Pegasi Systems International. We have created TrackVue, one of our signature products, an exclusive software that can be adapted to your own environment.

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Instrumentation Radar

Testing and real time monitoring are a necessity in today's market. Our company is committed to meeting or exceeding the highest standards in terms of instrumentation systems. Our sound experience has allowed us to generate important breakthroughs in innovating applications that enable:

Tracking Radar Software

Main radar generated data using our software:

  • Speed, acceleration, position and radar signal modulation analysis
  • Trajectory prediction
  • Drag analysis
  • Rotation analysis
  • Analysis of curbs captured in real time
  • Data transfer to a Cartesian system
  • Identification of strategic locations in analysed trajectories, and much more...