Our Expertise

Our team offers 50 years of combined experience in designing, developing and successfully completing radar related projects. Our accomplishments include successful projects in Europe, Asia and North America.

Software Expertise

  • TSPI data gathering
  • Real time embedded software
  • Advanced radar signal processing
  • Servo systems
  • Guidance, navigation and systems control engineering
  • System modeling and simulation of physical processes
  • Data collection, reduction and analysis

TrackVue Software

TrackVue offers all the functions required to use and operate a tracking instrumentation radar.
Among other things, TrackVue enables:

  1. Multi mode detection (CW, FMCW and MFC) for complete data processing in real time
  2. Simultaneously tracking a high number of targets
  3. Detection of stationary or very slow moving targets
  4. Optimization of the radar signal, taking into account environmental noises as well as physical and mechanical phenomena on the system

TrackVue is an exclusive product developed and maintained by our company. Yearly updates and upgrades are available.

Hardware Expertise

  • Design, development and assembly that meet the highest standards on the market
  • Microelectronic assembly
  • Integration of hardware to existing radar hardware

Production of tracking radars

We build state of the art tracking radars using our sound expertise and extensive experience.

  • Highly mobile continuous wave (CW) scoring radars
  • Test-range instrumentation radar system that enable adequate testing of weapon-system performance
  • Medium-power, highly-mobile, continuous-wave (CW) Doppler Scoring Radars offering functions and capabilities designed for various test-range requirements

For more information about our different tracking radar models.

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Operational Expertise

  • Full on-site integration ensuring radar operationality
  • Customized staff training in radar operation, general or indepth, for you and your team
  • Highly specialized technical support

Consulting services

  • For designing, developing, implementing, integrating or upgrading
  • For specific control tests
  • On site or here at Pegasi Systems International
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Technical Support

  • With you every step of the way
  • Exclusive : easy contact, easy access
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