Pegasi Systems

Pegasi Systems International offers specialized custom services pertaining to radar instrumentation for various real time telemetry applications for flying objects. We provide innovative solutions to help you reach your goals, i.e. meeting or exceeding your needs and specifications. Our team's combined extensive dedication and experience in radar technology allow us to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our expertise in embedded high-end technologies enables organizations to expand their possibilities and reach new heights.

Radar Software Expertise

  • Design and development
  • TrackVue software exclusively with Pegasi Systems
  • Advanced functions
  • Accurate measurements of Time Space Position Information (TSPI)
  • Well suited to Doppler tracking radars

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Radar Hardware Expertise

  • Design, development and assembly
  • Mechanical design and simulation
  • Microelectronics
  • Integration to existing hardware
  • Well suited to Doppler tracking radars

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Radar Operational Expertise

  • Complete function integration to your installations
  • Customized staff training
  • Technical support provided to our customers

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TrackVue Software

TrackVue software is a specialized radar application, designed, developed and maintained by our team. It offers every function needed to use and operate an instrumentation tracking radar.

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Consulting Services

  • For designing, developing, implementing, integrating or upgrading
  • For specific control tests
  • On site or here at Pegasi Systems International
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Technical Support

  • With you every step of the way
  • Exclusive : easy contact, easy access
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